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A world pioneer on behalf of "Made in Japan"

Kentaro Harada,
TECLOCK Corporation

Giving substance to our mission and vision

My past career, working in the big enterprises Toshiba and Olympus, has taught me many things. During the time, I thought about how I would be able to take advantage of the technologies and know-how I had gained in that career, seeing various work sites with my own eyes and touching them with my own hands. I spent day after day entertaining such thoughts.

Never forgetting for a moment my mission of becoming a maker of things, adopted early in life, I have continued to paint a vision on the way to its fulfilment.

Today, as an officer of a company that makes and sells precision measuring instruments, I continue taking on the challenge of giving substance to that mission and vision.

Kentaro Harada(TECLOCK Corporation)

The true value of IoT services, upending conventional expectations

Our company marks 68 years in business in 2018, making and selling the precision measuring instruments necessary for quality control. These instruments are used to check the dimensions, hardness and other characteristics of parts and products in the manufacturing industry. I see as our company's biggest strength the reliability of our products, thanks to the know-how and well-established technologies built up over long years of experience. Our products, moreover, are not limited to Japan but are being put to use globally, distributed over a network reaching some 70 countries. In September 2017 we released a new product, SmartMeasure®. We began an IoT service, something revolutionary in the measurement field. By collecting in the cloud the measurement data used in all kinds of inspections, we enabled instantaneous analysis.

Another feature of this outstanding service is that the analysis results can be viewed not only on a PC but on smartphones and many other devices. In other words, using this service makes it possible to view analysis results anywhere in the world, which is why it is receiving so much acclaim from users.

Even though the major players in the manufacturing industry have long wished for a solution that lets them integrate data, or manage it in the cloud using IoT technology, the general data viewing method up to now has been on analog or other measuring instruments. It was even common practice to manage handwritten data on paper.

Kentaro Harada(TECLOCK Corporation)

Never being too self-satisfied to carry on the spirit of challenge

Given this reality, SmartMeasure, which enables analysis results to be viewed at any time, anywhere in the world, can surely be called a "revolutionary" product, as it shakes up the conventional way of doing things. Yet we will not become so satisfied with ourselves that we give up the spirit of challenge. Believing there is still room for improvement, we will go on updating the product.

We would also like to go beyond simply pushing introduction of IoT services, working in concert with users to improve the manufacturing art, raise the earning power of the companies practicing this art, and contributing in other such ways.

There is still plenty of potential for "Made in Japan." One of our biggest missions is giving substance to that potential. Never forgetting the spirit of challenge, I would like to go on painting a grand vision for supporting the art of manufacturing in Japan.