Welcome to Unlock The Real Japan, a special collaboration between Nikkei Inc. and Time Out Tokyo created to help Asia’s business leaders gain new insight into one of the most exciting countries on earth.

On this site you will find Nikkei Asia’s renowned insight into the business world combined with Time Out Tokyo’s knowledge of city life, ensuring that visiting executives can experience all sides of life in Japan.

This site is dedicated to looking into Japan’s future. We have spoken with experts in energy, transportation, disaster relief, architecture and technology to provide you with fascinating insights into the country’s next steps.

Recent events have caused us all to take stock, but we are optimistic about Japan’s tomorrow – we look forward to exploring it with you.

Here’s what you can find on the site...

For this special site we’ve asked experts across the world to look both forward and back. Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake we report on the rebuilding efforts that have not only regenerated the worst-hit areas but could also help others coping with natural disasters. We have also compiled a series of reports on Japan’s pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions, speaking with those on the forefront of the country’s environmental mission. We hope you enjoy these visions for a bold new future.

Bright ideas

Nikkei Asia’s Christopher Grimes on Japan’s green opportunity.

A design for life

Award-winning architect Manabu Chiba tells the story of ArchiAid.

Life through a lens

The attractions breathing new life into Northeast Japan.

Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake [partner content by the Government of Japan]

Ten years after disaster struck, we report from Northeast Japan to hear how the area responded with gratitude to international aid and has made an impressive recovery.

The local paths to net zero [partner content by the Government of Japan]

How local initiatives across Japan are leading the way to carbon neutrality by 2050.

New power generation

Exploring Japan’s cutting-edge green technology.

Fuel for thought

Eiji Ohira, director general of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Group at the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), on realizing Japan’s high hopes for hydrogen.

ESG: Business for the Good of the World[partner content]

Unlock: Kabuto-cho

Exploring Tokyo’s answer to Wall Street.

Playing safe

Making the Japan National Stadium secure for sports fans in the time of coronavirus.

Games changer

Can facial recognition technology save the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Engineering a better tomorrow

Japanese welltech innovations that could improve the way we all live.

Working smarter

Kinya Tagawa on his plans for a new world of work.

Dear Diary

Tatsuya Abe on developing an app to help fight Covid.

Talking travel

Hiroyuki Fushitani, Tomoe Makino and Takahiro Saito discuss the future of Japan’s tourism industry.

Unlock: Tohoku

The attractions breathing new life into Northeast Japan.

Live and learn[partner content]

Changing schools

Akihiro Arai and Tetsuhiro Arai on the need for a quantum leap in Japan’s classrooms.

A different class

Kentaro Sugawa and Yoshihisa Tomonaga on how virtual reality could help reshape Japan’s education system.

Etiquette guide

The best online resources to improve your understanding of Japanese culture.