Live and learn

How Nishimachi International School is nurturing tomorrow’s global citizens

Founded in 1949 and located in the heart of Tokyo, Nishimachi International School has been providing innovative educational excellence for over 70 years. Lessons are conducted in English and all students study Japanese language and culture. Working with a dedicated faculty and staff, Nishimachi students benefit from the school’s rigorous curriculum, close-knit community and interactions with the vibrant local culture. After attending Nishimachi, students are thoroughly prepared to continue their education in first-class institutions around the world, having been guided to take personal ownership of their learning, make meaningful connections with others, pursue challenges and persevere, act ethically and respectfully, and use multiple processes to think, innovate and reflect. The school is committed to educating students of all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds to be international and independent thinkers.

Nishimachi International School, 2-14-7 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. +81 3 3451 5520.