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The issue is inspired by the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs), a set of 17 global aims that UN member states resolved to achieve by 2030. These goals, which include ending extreme poverty, fostering peaceful and inclusive societies, and taking urgent action on climate change, are described by the UN as a “plan of action for people, planet and prosperity”.

Here’s what you can find on the site...
In this issue we speak to some of the people at the forefront of Japan’s efforts to reach its SDG targets. We hope you enjoy reading about their visions for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future.

Sustainable futures

Digital artist and computer scientist Yoichi Ochiai on a futuristic approach to the SDGs

The originator

An introduction to Shibusawa Eiichi, Japan’s sustainability pioneer

Hydro power

Politician Shozo Kudo on the game-changing potential of hydrogen

Chemical reaction

The Japanese Hydrogen Association and its push for a zero-carbon future

Future food

How new technology is bringing sustainable solutions to the world’s kitchens

Funny business

A new app blends kids’ education with entertainment

Life through a lens

Images of Tokyo’s development between two Summer Games

Without equals

The battle for gender equality in Japan

Etiquette guide

Understanding Japanese working hours and holidays