Welcome to Unlock The Real Japan, a special collaboration between Nikkei Inc. and Time Out Tokyo created to help Asia’s business leaders gain new insight into one of the most exciting countries on earth.

Here you will find Nikkei Asia’s renowned insight into the business world combined with Time Out Tokyo’s knowledge of city life, ensuring that visiting executives can experience all sides of Japan. This time we have dedicated our coverage to two international assemblies coming to Japan: the G7 meeting in Hiroshima and accompanying ministerial conferences, and Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai.

Here’s what you can find on the site...

Travel Japan

Exploring the incredible places that will be hosting the G7 Ministerial Conferences

Towards a Digital Garden City Nation: Part one

The vision for a Digital Garden City Nation explained and a look at the world's most extensive set of virtual city models in part one of our series

Towards a Digital Garden City Nation: Part two

The second part of our series looks at the role technology exports and smart agriculture could play in a Digital Garden City Nation

A welcome change

An exclusive interview with Hiroshima Prefectural Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki

Emission control

Is Japan on track to meet its climate goals?

A balanced diet

Can changing what we eat save a species?

History lessons

Haruki Yamaguchi on what we can learn from Hiroshima’s tragic past

Learning curve

Saitama City’s plans to make digital education available to all

Preparing for the worst

What Japan’s approach to natural hazards can teach the world

Coming attractions

Previewing four nations’ planned pavilions for Expo 2025

Setting the stage

Japan’s grand plans for Expo 2025

Etiquette guide

Top tips to lead a sustainable lifestyle in Japan